Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update from a Mad Runner

Week two was not as bad as week one, mostly because I was traveling and only ran two days!!
Last Wednesday after work I left for a road trip back home, just a little drive (18 hours to be exact!). I met with a classmate up in ID and we drove most of it together.
Monday I started getting ready for the trip and did my legs workout on P90X. WOW, I have not done that workout in a long time and my oh my did I get sore. And when I say sore, I mean barely able to get in and out of a car.
Tuesday was a 3 miler, which I will proudly say I ran the whole thing. I was so sore from Monday that I was dreading this run, but knew that I had to. After work I was awestruck with The Housewives of New York reunion show, which was giving me good reason to hold off on my run. I've never seen an episode, but since I didn't want to head outside, it sucked me right in. It was nice out on Tuesday, but very windy which reminded me of our amazing club house with the treadmill in it. I bolted down to make sure I could get the treadmill as it is usually being used when I go in there. Luckily it was empty and I finally figured out the TV and got my run in. It went but not well as my legs went numb. After my run I decided that since I would not be available to do all my workout the next day I better do my arm workout. P90X here I come and made it through the arms and back. While in the middle my shoulders were tired, and that's when I realized that the legs workout is actually legs and back! Two back workouts in a row for me.
Wednesday is a 2 mile run, I was planning on getting up in the am and run this, but anyone who knows me knows I am not a morning person so the snooze button was hit a couple of times! After work I headed up to Pocatello, ID and met with my friend for the amazing ride home. We made it to my parents house on Thursday afternoon...so no workout for either day! My mom and I did head out for a walk that evening but it was so windy we only went for about a mile.
Friday my newly engaged friend Michelle was in town with me and I had planned an amazing eventful day with all the Crazy Day activities going on! We did make it out for a walk in the am before we started out the day.
That night was the first of two days of booze and friends. My good friend Jenna hosted the evening for our class before we headed out to the new bar in town. It was a fun night, which is all I will say.
Saturday morning, 7:26 I woke up and got ready for a 5k race that was being held for Relay for Life starting at the High School Track. I got ready and my mom and grandma came with me to cheer on the runners and snap some pics! I am happy to report that I ran the WHOLE time, not too fast ( I finished in 30 minutes) but taking into account the night I had before, it went very well. Also, it must have helped me sweat out some alcohol because I was ready to go for the day.
Since I ran the 3 mile race on Saturday, I didn't do my run on Sunday morning. That and we left Sunday night for our long drive home, I didn't do anything other than rest on Sunday.
We made it back, finally, around 5 pm on Monday. Enough time to shower and get my stuff in before Ben came home and made me supper, then off to bed. I was beat.
I think because of the week I had last week, I will stick to my week two of training to catch up. I have something going on the next 2 weekends, so I will do my best to get this training back up to where it needs to be!
Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh my! This was soooooo funny. Luv it! So glad you ran the 5k... see ya soon.