Sunday, June 13, 2010

My weekly update...running is not fun

Like I stated in my previous post, I am planning on running a half marathon this fall, so running I go. )I found Hal Higdon's novice running program online and started on Monday. I really like that workout day as it was no actual running and just strength and stretching! Because I saw myself last weekend in a swimsuit I decided that I better really work my butt off (literally) to get into shape for this next weekend (back to NoDak for an All Class Reunion!) so as ambitious as I am I decided to head to our complex club house to hit the treadmill for a quick mile run, quick weights and a P90X workout.
Tuesday was "THE DAY" that the running started. A mere 3 mile run, nada to most, but to me it was a tough day. I started out OK, which is my problem, I can not pace myself! I made it I would guess about 2.5 miles. It was the only nice day in SLC and in the blazing sun I was trying to push through the heat (my arm felt like it was on fire) and then oops, I hit a stupid rock path which almost caused me to eat it on my face and I gave up and walked the rest of the way home.
Wednesday, day 2 of my running, was a 2 miler or cross. I decided running was going to benefit me more as I am still doing the P90X workouts as well as the running (seriously, I only have a week to tighten it up!). I have been using Gmaps Pedometer to get the miles down. I mapped out a 2 mile run and it seemed just around the block! I went after work and felt as though it started out OK, felt great and strong. The sun again was hot (I have the start of a farmers tan) and I made it maybe 1.5 miles, then cut some corners and walked the rest of the way. I was so frustrated!
Thursday was yet again another 3 miler. I was SO frustrated from the first 3 miles run that I couldn't start this run out with a clear conscience. At about the end of the block, I decided to take a different route, one that I had mapped prior for a 3 mile run. This route was on a main road, which kind of helped me keep a good pace and there was so much going on it kept my mind off of how horrible running is! I made it home, I was so happy and excited because it felt so good! I decided to re-map the run and to my was 2.3 miles! Aaahh! I was so upset, but on the other hand it was reassuring as how better this one run was then my previous attempts. So onto yoga I went and told B of my mishap when he came home.
Friday is an off day, and because the long run was on Sunday and P90X on my Friday is a leg routine, I thought I would switch the leg workout to Monday, with Cardio X. I did some bike in the AM with an ab workout. Saturday was Kenpo X, which I absolutely LOVE. It refreshes my legs and it a fun workout.
The dreaded Sunday 4 Mile run was upon me. There was no way I thought I was going to make it! I spent Saturday night with a friend of mine who it really into running, and just finished doing a Marathon that morning!! We had a great night on Saturday, sushi, wine and the next morning an amazing breakfast (with Bloody Mary's of course;). My friend gave me some great running pointers, but of course, I put off my run for later Sunday. There was no pep in my step to get this run done, so when B went off for a bike ride with his friend, I decided I better get this done. I again had a 4 mile route, which ran down my our old place ( and it seemed so FAR!) so I yet again remapped a new route and made a new playlist, consisting of all the greats (Britney, Eminem and some rap) and off I went. I started my pace a little slower than I did on the other runs, and felt great, for once! I was at mile 2 when the morning Bloody Mary kicked in so I stopped at a gas station to use the rest room. I felt a little better so off I went to finish the run, I started getting the dreadful "drop" on my run about a mile from home and kicked it in a little bit. Anytime I got a little to much bounce going on, my stomach ache got a little worse. I kicked it in a little bit and made it home feeling good (as far as the run went) but I had to get inside. I was at our garage opener, but in my tired stupor and the pain in my stomach, I could not seem to remember the code! After about 4 tries I thought I was going to pull a Charlotte and started to walk over to the park across the street to use the restroom. I didn't think I would quite make it so I tried the garage one more time and got it open!! I made it home, happy with my run, happy that I have a day off tomorrow, and excited to know that I only have 3 days of work this week until I leave for L-town! I am so excited to see friends and family!

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