Sunday, December 4, 2011

Update From A Mad Runner

I started out strong this week, had a little setback on humpday and then picked it back up to make it over my goal of seven miles and completed EIGHT miles this week! (I had no idea that I went over the seven miles target. I thought I was losing my mind and had to add this together with B to make sure I was right! I also had to go to my last post to make sure I was on the right week)

Monday; A 1.75 miles run! .25 walked. I also used my Nike Fit app to get a butt buster and ab burner workout in.
Tuesday: I woke up with some sore, sore knees. I ran like Phoebe and was able to do a 1.25 mile run, so I have an even 3 under my belt. I did a Nike Fit 30 min conditioning workout to help tone up the buttocks.
Wednesday...laziness hits. Ran errands after work. Skyped with Heather and Cameron. I didn't want to do anything but finally got the energy to do my leg sculptor and ab burner workout with my Nike Fit.
Thursday: 2 mile run. Holla I'm back! Since I've been upping my miles I also need to up my stretching. Which I tried tonight
Friday: I broke my own rule...I worked out on a Friday. I did a mile. I left work a little early and was bored, B told me to run, which made me mad. But I did it anyways. I guess he does know what he's talking about. I ran and then ordered pizza. Good thing I was able to work it off before I indulged in some greasy food!
Saturday: 2 mile run and I'm done! Ab workout. B and I are (again) laying low again this weekend. I feel like I say that a lot. I guess it must be the perks (reason) of living away from family and in laws. We don't have a lot of obligations to meet and can do what we want, which at this point I am unsure if it is a pro or con.

So again today I woke up around 5 a.m. Izzie was cuddling with me and no B anywhere in sight. He must have fell asleep downstairs after playing video games. Izzie gets a little dazed and confused when B and I are not together in the same room. She always runs in between both of us. So I left the door open for her so she could relax a little and get to take turns laying by both of us. We have also noticed that Izzie is starting to finally turn from a pup to a dog. She is getting a little more lazy, likes to lay around. We've experienced her not being able to keep her big puppy dog eyes open during the days on Saturday and especially Sunday. It's adorable to see her eyes get heavier and heavier before she can't keep her head up anymore.

Top news!! We got some presents for under our tree! Christmas is really coming!

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