Sunday, December 25, 2011

Update From A Mad Runner

One week until Christmas!! So excited and I hoped that this week would go by so fast....but I'm sure to no ones surprise it was so slow.
Monday: 2.5 miles .25 walk, OH YEAH. Started out strong. I figure whatever I run this week will be good. I'm giving myself a little break (it's my Christmas present to myself;). I also did my ab burner workout after.
Tuesday: No run. I managed to get to the store for some last minute gift buying and the wine store. Guess which one I liked's a tough decision. I got home and B was here. He didn't go to the gym, surprise surprise, no really that is a HUGE surprise. I was begging (;) him to run with me. But in the end I decided not to run either. I did a little workout regimen that I found on, my new fun Web site. It was a plyo workout, abs, arms, jumping jacks and lots of that fun stuff. I also did some leg stretches too. The back of my knee is so sore from running on Monday.
Wednesday: 2 miles, no walk. I was so hungry and felt week so I ran and left!! I had to lower my speed just to make it to the 2 miles mark!
Thursday: 2.5 miles, I really pushed myself today and am so glad I did. Around 1.25 miles I was talking to myself and was going to do 1.5 miles, then started thinking of the rest of the week and how I won't have anytime to run on Friday. Then I talked myself into running 2 miles. Then I started doing the math (which isn't easy when you run) and thought that if I make it 2.5 miles I will only have to make it 2 miles on Saturday. Which I could do, or should be able to do.
Friday we had a Christmas Eve Party go to. So much fun to see some friends, have some cocktails and white elephant gift exchange.
Saturday: According to B it is Christmas! I was trying to tell him that Christmas was not until Sunday, but all day long B was bugging me about opening presents. I distracted him a little by heading to get coffee, had a quick trip to the grocery store and then Barnes and Noble. We got some lunch at the Wing Nutz and then hung out at home, cooked dinner and then opened presents. It was so fun to spend some time with B and me.Also Izzie loved opening her presents.
Sunday: We have B's brother and his girlfriend coming to SLC today. We got up early and I ran 2 miles. I ran a little slower but still got through it. Yay for me!! So excited to meet a goal on such a busy week. Now I just need to get the rest of our dinner ready early, then I just need to warm up the dinner again. Now time to enjoy some movies and "word with friends" with B, we are SO addicted!!

Izzie opening her presents

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