Friday, July 1, 2011


The funniest thing to me is when someone drives down the road with their gas tank door open, the fuel plug hanging out, a pop, bag, ipod, etc on the roof of their car. I always point it out to Ben and laugh forever (ok really about 30 seconds). It brightens my day.
So what did I do yesterday, drove down the road with a clipboard on the roof of my vehicle...a work vehicle non the less. (I am seriously laughing so hard while I'm writing this)
Oh, it fell off, everything separately. First the laminated paper in it flew off. About a block later and one left turn the actual clipboard fell off. How it stayed on that long is beyond me. I watched the car behind me swerve around it and about died laughing.
I had to email Ben right away to tell him about it.

Ok, well here are some other things I just found online and think are terrific!
This is a blog making fun of girls posing for pictures. It's not updated daily, but you can read through it. It is quite enjoyable, maybe because I do this.
Another video blog or vlog I found is this one. The first video I watched was "How to trick people into thinking you're good looking". It's hilarious...and she has so many more.

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