Monday, July 25, 2011

NO Update From A Mad Runner

I didn't run this week. But before you judge me I was in MT working for the last week (technically Tuesday and Wednesday) and traveling late at night and early in the morning, plus I'm just that lazy. What!

Quick recap of my mini work vacay. I went to Red Lodge, MT to help out with estimates on hail damages as they had a storm a few weeks ago. I don't think I can really call it a vacation as I was working the whole time and didn't have any energy to enjoy Red Lodge. It is such a beautiful town, I like to this of it as a redneck Park City!
Red Lodge has a great Main road with tons of cute shops (that are affordable) and awesome bars/restaurants and cafes (also, affordable). Apparently there is an amazing scenic drive from Red Lodge that the locals could NOT believe I didn't do. But after working Monday, traveling until 1 A.M. and getting only 5 hours of sleep, I was in bed right after I ate on Tuesday night and Wednesday night I was back in Billings to catch a 6 A.M. flight. I also missed the motorcycle rally Red Lodge had the weekend before my trip, everyone was talking about it. Sounded amazing.

But this week I'll try to pick up the workouts, I am getting a dumpy double butt so there is my motivation! Plus I am stocked up on DVR'd shows so my Nike Workouts should pick up as I have lots of Reality TV to watch!

Airport Favorite Caribou!!
My other fav...Bloody Mary, I determined Montana makes the best Bloody Mary's.

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