Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update From A Mad Runner

"Put Your Name On IT!"

This week was a lot of firsts for me. Concerts, hikes, games and farmers market. Along with that it is the first time I've ran three miles and added a little something new to my workout.

All week I have been putting off running, actually working out in general. I did a couple of my Nike Fit workouts while I caught up on the reality TV shows. Wednesday I went to Deer Valley Mountain Resort to their Mountain Town Music Concert series with some friends. We didn't hear the concert much as we were catching up over a couple glasses of wine, but it was still amazing...and beats running!
Thursday we met up again to head to another concert. This time it was in SLC at a bar, inside on a beautiful night. We watched a group called Dope MC and I was in shock. These guys sang 90s music ranging from Run DMC to NKOTB to Steve Tyler! I don't kid.

B and I decided we wanted to do something this weekend, so up at 7:30 on a Saturday to do a hike and all I wanted was a coffee and a City Weekly and then the Farmers Market. I have heard so much about it and never been. I decided this week was it, B was going to take me. But we had to do something active first. I have determined, I also do not like hiking. I like walking on trails, that are mostly flat and I can carry my coffee instead of a water bottle. But up to the mountains I feel like I am an overweight old person who can't even walk straight with out tripping over everything. Seriously, everything. I trip over rocks, groves in the ground and air. I think I tripped on air. No joke. We didn't make it too far up before B was sick of me and we left, thankfully found a cafe so I could get my morning coffee and then headed to the farmers market. 
We had fun, didn't get anything, but checked out some amazing art work, cute dogs and some honest bums. 
Later that night we went to the Blaze indoor football game. Again something new and we realized this is where all the redneck Grizzlie fans are on the off season. They get more hurt and take more unknown breaks that women's soccer players. (oh, yes I know that the USA Women's World Cup final is on, no I won't watch, currently we are watching Universal Solider, of course B's pick). But all in all The Blaze game was worth the $8 ticket prices and $4 beers (any beer $4!). The entertainment in watching the crazed fans reminded me of hockey season and how I am excited that I can see the same people all year long now!

But, back to the reason we all read this blog, my hatred for running and working out. Maybe hatred is a strong word, maybe detestation, displeasure, grudge, horror or loathing would be better. I will seriously do anything to avoid a work out (mainly running as I now figured out how to watch TV with my other workouts). I got up, started laundry, packed, swept, complained to Izzie about the stinky garbage and even goes as far as shaving my dog before I worked up the energy to go for a 30 minute run. Seriously how ridiculous is that.  I wasted over two and a half hours doing other crap before I went out for a run. And in turn it makes it hotter out, which is another reason I dislike running outside, but for some reason our treadmill in the clubhouse is always busy! (and I do call those people lazy, but know that I deserve to use the indoor treadmill in the AC but they should run outside).

I decided that I should try something new in lieu of listening to music while running. I Googled some top pod casts (wasted 15 more minutes) to subscribe to so I can listen to them instead of music. I found a few, one I've heard about, Couch to 5K, a Zumba one and a couple other work out fitness pod casts but then came across Jay Mohr's Mohr Stories. And put your name on it, my run went by so fast. I got a nice ab workout in as well from laughing but I think it was worth it. I got my three miler down. You know, I haven't signed up for this 6k yet, so I was thinking as I was running I might actually just be running for the hell of it. Now if that doesn't make me a real runner I don't know what does. 

I am proud of my self, I ran out side, on the sidewalk and kept at an even pace and enjoyed my Mohr Stories. I am happy to report I am a little excited to run again to continue with the pod cast. Of course that will be next Sunday.

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