Thursday, June 24, 2010


How do you save money?!?! I'll take any idea possible!
Since B and I have taken the plunge and bought a town home, I am trying to do as much as I can to save some MOOLA! We are still OK as far as bills go (don't worry mom's) but I definitely want to cut corners as much as possible for things that we really want to get/do, like a honeymoon.
I have been checking out online a bunch of good ideas and came up with a few:
.eat at home more, which we have been doing since our wedding. Getting a crock pot made meals easy for me and gave me the ambition to try out other recipe's as well.
.don't drive as much. This has been easy for us because we do work together and only have one gas bill for the vehicle that we use. Also these last few months I have been able to walk to work three days out of the week because I am working across the street.
.electric and gas bills. I control the thermometer at our house....enough said.
.get rid of the trite bill. Done and done. No more tanning or gym membership for me. We now have a small community gym at our community we get to use, and getting workout videos that I can use at home have worked well for me.
.renting movies instead of theatre. B and I love a night out at the movies and we used to go to one a weekend until recently. We have been renting more, and having HBO movies has been very nice and help with the bank account.
.cut out meat in meals. Haven't tried this yet, but I read using beans instead of meat for some meals can help save some money. If you have any good recipes for beans, please let us know!
.Not shopping as much! Very hard for me as I would like to get a new outfit everyday. I am going to start keeping track of how long I go without shopping! As much as I can remember, it has been since Memorial Day. Give or take a few;) Wish me luck!!


  1. Plan your weekly menu around what is on sale at the grocery store. Or when certain meats go on sale at the store freeze them at home. Like if chicken goes on sale stock up. Fresh Market put their canned diced tomatoes on sale for 35 cents (usually $1/each) and we bought like 24 of them because we ALWAYS use them in cooking. There is also a blog I follow called $5 meals. It has everything you need to make a meal for at least 4 people for $5. Hope that helps

  2. Thanks Jenn!! I will defn try that! and thanks for reading my blog!! ha