Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

Training has come to a halt!
Last week was not a great training week for the half, and not good timing as it is coming up!
I think going back to work in the office may be part of it. My rotation position is over and I'm back to my little cubicle. Morning work outs are out of the question and after work I was not feeling the runs.
This weekend I was able to get a little longer run in but not where I should be at, I'll try to pull it out this week!

B and I had a very relaxing weekend. Movies, movies, football and movies.
Friday night our newlywed friends had a housewarming party. They purchased a beautiful home and have been painting and decorating and showed it off on Friday. They have done such a beautiful job on it, it makes me motivated to decorate our place!
We slept in both Saturday and Sunday, watched movies and hung out! How boring awesome! I do not want to go to work tomorrow!!
We also hit up a football game on Saturday night. A high school football game, it was so much fun! We were there until midnight and it was so nice out. We'll have to do that again for sure!

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