Monday, September 6, 2010

Update From A Mad Runner

"Our greatest battles are that with our own minds.” Jameson Frank

This is 100% true for me and my training. 
My last post did nothing to help motivate me to get back into training mode! Only a few short weeks and the big half is here. 
This week started out very slow and non-productive. I didn't do a workout Monday-Wednesday. I mean NO WORKOUT. NOTHING! "What is wrong with you" you say, I guess I like a challenge;)
I decided that I would make sure and run Thursday, Saturday and Monday, and that I did. I have realized why I am getting so burned out, and I have decided that it is from running during the week. Yes, I will find a reason as to why I am lazy and of course it's not because I found a GREAT deal on something and NEED to go and buy is ASAP or that a glass of wine is calling me name after work. Not the reason. 
A 4.5 mile run started out my big kick in the a** that I need to make sure I can make it through this marathon. I went to liberty park to run, this alone is a huge motivator as why would I ever drive somewhere and then not do what was the only reason I went there to do. That's like driving to the gym and changing and then decided to just go home (and yes I have done this...sadly multiple time) To my utter surprise the only thing that was different from this run that before is my lungs hurt. Only the first lap, so be it. 
Saturday B and I decided to make the most of our Labor day 3 day weekend, we laid around all day. Finally I got my but off the couch, went to Sugarhouse park and made it through 6 miles right before the sun went down. Fall is really coming quick. 
Monday, another semi lazy day, except I exercised my credit card and hit up some labor day sales, took Izzie to the dog park and then went on my run before Bachelor Pad. Nine miles today and happy to say "I'm Back". Yep, made it the whole time. Went back to Sugarhouse park and ran around it. This park has helped more I think because it has a couple small hills 2 up 2 down. Just little rollers but has helped me keep my pace and not as boring as running on the flat roads and Liberty. 
For the rest of the week I am planning on doing a couple miles Wednesday, arms and leg workouts and then another long run on Friday before I leave for my Mini Trip to Minneapolis to my sister's baby shower! So excited to see her pregnant belly for the first time! 

Izzie after the dog park so happy and tired.

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