Sunday, April 8, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

*Muffin Tops...

So last week was bad. I didn't elaborate in last weeks post, but I can officially confirm that the saying about working out for three weeks can be lost in three days. From last weeks visitors I didn't do two days of running and it kicked me where the sun don't shine this week. Because I ate about half my body weight in food and drank more wine in three days then I did the last three months I gave myself the luxury of redoing last week's schedule of workout. I mean come on, bumping up to 4 miles after I about died on the 3.5 mile and that was over a week ago!
Monday started out OK, of course when its just stretching and weights I can manage that, but my 2.5 mile run I was supposed to do Tuesday ended up being only a 2 mile run and me with spaghetti rubbery legs. Terrible. Seriously terrible. But I am happy to report with the help of Big Rich Texas and their arguing and the cupcake decorating I made it through 2.5 miles and walked .25 cool down. I even did weights and abs, oh hell yeah!
Saturday we did our morning workout and then spent the day doing errands. We finalized out adoption for Asia (yay!) got our coffee and then we (Finally!) went down to check out City Creek Mall. B was there last weekend with his mom but I am a City Creek virgin no more! There are amazing views in all directions really showing how beautiful Salt Lake really is. Finally something that will hopefully be a tourist attraction. 

The rest of the week was normal as usual. Wednesday I was able to exercise my arms and sweet tooth with vegging out and eating ice cream with B (not B just me). We had our weekly date night and finished the American Pie movie series/ With the new American Reunion coming out this weekend we wanted to watch the originals. We forgot how great those movies are and B and I realized it's because we grew up with these people! We were in high school when they were, college with them and now marriage.  Saturday we went to the new Reunion showing and loved it! I would recommend it!

Oh and by the way...Happy Easter! We just had an amazing meal with some great friends.
A real Feaster Easter

in our sunday best to get coffee

peep kabobs

we even got easter treats! just like at home, what an amazing day

*when running this week i was watching Big Rich Texas and a girl worked at a cupcake shop, the other girls were making fun of her and her "muffin top" it was a little bit of motivation for me this week

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