Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Activities

I've been following The Glitter Guide since it started. I found the founder, Taylor Sterling's, blog and followed her while she started it. They have amazing articles and every Friday post 5 Things to try during the weekend. I try to do some of them because they are just fun things to do especially for the weekends!

Here's a little showing of our weekend activities!

Friday I went to a bread party with a good friend. What is a bread party you ask? It's where you eat a lot of good cheese dip, enjoy good dessert treat, drink a lot of white wine and meet new people! Oh and while we were gossiping a great cook was "teaching" us how to make focaccia bread, which we enjoyed enthusiastically!
In doing all this I also wore my new peach skinny's with my new light sweater.

I already painted my nails neon yellow on Thursday, which I unfortunately do not have in a lipstick. I wanted to funk it up a little so I added a little bright pink with it. This was inspired by the 5 Things to try as well as I think it will definitely make spring/summer come a little faster!

Like I posted yesterday, I got my fitness on this weekend of course. It makes it a lot easier when I slip on my tie dye noosa's! They even glow in the dark!!

Because I work in a place where I can't wear the cutest clothes, so as the season is changing and warming up I like to enjoy wearing items that generally sit in my closet.  I also tried to funk it up with the jewelry and this Sunday I tried out layering necklaces. I don't know if I did it right but I will give myself an A for effort!  

love this skirt!

Weekends are my Fav! Just like everyone I'm sure...I hope you all had a good weekend and here's to looking for the next!

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