Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update From A Mad Runner

So, I'm back at it, and really trying. No....really.
I made it through my three whole days of running this week and did some other form of workout the rest. No more, no less. Yay. 
When I think about working out, for instance, when I know I need to run X amount of miles or do 30 minutes of another form of workout or weights, it really doesn't sound so bad does it. But when I actually get changed or start running or doing the workout it does. 
I was having a conversation with a co-worker this week about working out. She asked me what I did. I realized when ever I talk about working out it seems like no big deal. I mean really it doesn't. When I know I have to run a couple miles or so I know it's only going to take 30 minutes or less. So why do I despise it so much? I mean, it's really the quickest possible workout you can chose to do and you use almost all your leg and butt muscles (toning) and then you burn all the crap you ate during the day away. It should be something I can't wait to do. But I don't. To me all I do when I'm working out is thinking about all the other things I could be doing. Cooking, cleaning what I forgot to do that day. It drives me crazy and I can't focus on it. But there were times when I would go to the gym and just laid in the locker room watching TV, just wasting time. Then we got to talking about how you need to find something you like to do. It makes it easier. I know this, I've experienced this, I found things I love to do. But do I do them? No. I loved doing yoga at the gym, and then when we bought our house I quit. I was rarely going, I was doing the P90X workouts at home and I was running outside. So when we moved we had a clubhouse with a treadmill and weights, so I just dropped my membership. I haven't done yoga since (in a class form). You all know yoga at home is just not the same. So why when I found something I love I still quit it? I haven't found anything else that I love yet that I actually want to stick with? (I do like to do the Nike Fit work outs, but I don't ACTUALLY ENJOY them like I did yoga). All I need to do is get my membership back and it's still more cost effective to do that then go to any other yoga class around town, but I don't. I make up reasons about not going, like the times don't work and then I would go home after work and then probably get distracted and not go. Then it's a waste of money.

WOW, that's a lot of excuses to not workout.

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