Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update from a Mad Runner

Week 3 of running has come and gone. I can honestly say that I did all the workouts and ran all my miles (for once;).
So I have decided that Mondays are the worst day possible. No running (which is good) but it is leg day. Last time I did my leg workout, I was hardly able to get in and out of cars the next couple of days. I did the workout, but didn't use as much weight and didn't push myself to the extreme. Needless to say, Monday went OK.
On to Tuesday. New week and new distances, 3.5 miler. It is FINALLY summer here in the SLC which is great for weekends, but during the week running in the heat is very draining. I am happy to say that I have gotten up early every morning and ran in the A.M. It is a little more peaceful and not as busy or hot in the morning, and the major plus side is that after work, I can relax for a bit, get and idea of what I want to cook for supper and then do my workout. Also, since it was a new distance, I found a new route to run and really enjoy (mostly for the shaded areas). Cardio is my P90X workout at night and I can say it is also getting easier!
Wednesday I had 2.5 miles and arms at night. My A.M. run didn't go too great. It was windy out in the morning. I remembered the last time it was windy and I ran as hard as I could and then was beat, so I tried to keep the same pace for the entire run as best I could. I made it, but it wasn't good and I was exhausted. Anyone who knows me knows how clumsy I am. At the end of my run, seriously across the street from my house, I tripped on a raised section of the sidewalk and almost ate it on my grille. Luckily, I have quick reflexes and caught myself before I lost my tooth and skinned up my knees. It was busy at this time, there is construction on that road and all the workers were out. I'm sure it made everyones day who say this, a girl tripping over herself and failing all over the sidewalk. Haha!! It was a sight to see. Again, like last week, arms are my fav so I made it through those no problem.
My last day of running for the work week, Thursday, another 3.5 miler. I did my same (new Fav) route, but my knee was a little sore from Wednesday's blunder and I found it a little more tiring than Tuesday's run. Halfway through the run, I was almost thinking about walking a little to rest, but Jay-Z's On to the Next One came on my iPod and gave me the boost to finish it! Yay. It always seems the right songs come on at the right time!
Friday, B and I left after work to head back to ND for B's 10 year reunion and of course his favorite holiday, Mandan Xmas. We got in later that evening on a direct flight, which was very nice, but they decided not to turn the air on the plane and we ended up on the most uncomfortable flight I have ever experienced! Once the doors opened in the Bizzo, we all instantly felt the humidity, and it didn't help out. We were met my B's family and went home to bed.
Since Saturday was the big bash and night out, I decided to get up early and get my long (5 mile) run in. It's better to do it on a morning when I didn't drink all day before it. I found a great route that went by our old place in Mandan and the golf course. It also worked out to have the wind behind me when I was heading back. I finished in record time (around 50 mins!) and in time to get ready for morning pancakes and the Art Fair downtown. We went with B's dad and family and met his grandma and some of her friend's their for breakfast. After we walked around a while looking at all the goods. B's grandma got me a great little crafty ring and I found a little surprise gift for my sister. We made it back in time to get some stuff in order before guest started arriving. Some of my amazing friends came to Mandan to help us celebrate and hang out for the day and night. B also saw some friends he hasn't seen in a while. It was good weather, well better then last years, and a great turnout. We then headed down to the bar where the reunion was being held.
Sunday we rested. We were so beat from the day before, B made us breakfast and we got in a quick nap before we headed up to B's mom's house for the afternoon. We had a blast hanging out in the pool and working on our tan. Some friends came over to say hi as well. We had a great time visiting with B's mom and family before we headed back to his dad's for the big fireworks.
We were so tire, but we enjoyed some fireworks and some more food (of course) before we went to bed.
Monday, our flight was set for 6 P.M. so we had time to go out on the pontoon in the A.M. before we had to get ready to leave. B's mom picked us up and we had a quick meal before we left. Our flight was better this time around, not as hot, and before we knew it we were on our way to get Izzie and head home. It feels good to be home and not have any trips planned for a while.

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