Sunday, October 9, 2011

100th Post

I just noticed that this will be my 100th post on my blog, about 2 years running I believe. I definitely could do more on this but with all my TV shows I keep up on this is what you get.

My sister, brother in law and amazing nephew came to visit a couple weeks ago. Unlike last time Heather visited us in the greater SLC area, the weather was nice this time around! We were able to have dinner their first night with Heather's long time friend who lives in the area.
Sunday morning I had made my famous egg bake (well famous to Ben and myself) and a stop at the real famous Bad Ass coffee and up to PC we were. We hit up the last day of the Park Silly Market. It was beautiful weather and we had a great lunch at the Wasatch Brewery. I definitely recommend the Pumpkin Ale. The rest of the afternoon we spent at the Tanger Outlets, another famous spot, for a little retail therapy. I was able to get Cameron his first Nike shoes! That night we spent in and I made dinner for us and we threw an early birthday party for Cameron as he turns 1 on October 21. We got a few pictures of him with his makeshift cake/cupcakes and gifts, then we tried to have him smash the "cake". Cameron was not feeling the mudcake cupcakes, I do not know if he will fit in with the Bjugstad family, we all LOVE mudcake! He definitely liked unwrapping his gift though, some new pj's and socks (again he'll have to grow into them).
Monday we stopped as Bad Ass again and then up to Snowbird to take a ride up the mountain on the tram. It was beautiful views and Cameron loved the ride up and down! We were so lucky for such a beautiful day.
The next stops were to check out the Visitors Center at the University of Utah so Heather and Jason (mostly Heather) could check out where the Olympic Torch was in 2002. They had pictures and a day by day event write up we were able to read. We then headed over to the Olympic Oval to check out the gift shop which was closed the last time Heather was here to visit. We were also able to watch some of the short track relay practice as it was going on.
Tuesday morning the Giesen clan left, and we were back to our normal schedule.

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