Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon

Having another great weekend of shopping, movies and laying around makes the weeks go by so fast and the weekends linger! It seems the only thing I am looking forward too are weekends like this. We are lucky though and things are on the up and up as we just had our first big snow last night. Nine new inches up in the mountains and nothing on the roads this morning to make for a nasty commute. Well, not for Ben and I as least. The early morning travel didn't have it quite as nice.
Saturday we did a little shopping around. We checked out some snowshoes at REI. We met some people that go and we want to start to do some hiking up in the mountains.
Sunday we watched the Vikings game and the I hit up "New Moon" with some friends. Once we were out of the theatre, the snow was flying. We had a normal lazy Sunday night watching TV and reading. But I did still have time to test out a new meal for Ben and I. I had a left over steak and thawed out to make a pasta sauce with it. I took some red and green peppers, cut them up and sauteed the steak, peppers and mushrooms in some butter and garlic. I then made a cream sauce with some white wine, cream and shredded cheese. It cooked very fast and then just boiled up some noodles and enjoy! Ben loves that I have been trying new meals for us to try.
Up next...Thanksgiving in ND. Can not wait!!

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