Sunday, November 15, 2009

My top 5 Favs!

I have changed some in the last couple of years. I am the same, I just have some new things that I like.
1. I LOVE grocery shopping! I used to absolutely dispise doing it. I don't know what has really change. Mostly, it's because I have started cooking different things, but I have also found ways to save money and to me its so fun.
2. I LOVE having a clean house. Now, I don't like cleaning, I just like keeping it clean. Before I used to not care because I wasn't always home, but now it's becoming second nature to keep it clean.
3. I Absolutely have to have my bed made in the morning. I NEVER use to make the bed because I always figured that I would just mess it up again at night, but now it drives me nuts if it is not made.
4. I LOVE HDTV. I don't even own a home, but I love it.
5. I LOVE getting up in the morning. Actually I just HATE sleeping in, but didn't want to say hate right away. I have to be up at least by 8a.m. or else I feel like I am wasting my day away.

This proves that people can change.

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