Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Check these out!

Since I am fairly new at this whole blog world, I have been interested into seeing what other people blog about. I added some new links to my page for some blogs and Web pages that I have found with some of my interests:

Shopping-Of course right! I love to shop and love to learn how to make items I have work for a whole new look. One of the blogs there is a blogger who shows how she uses her wardrobe for work and hanging out. It has given me new ideas of what I can do with my existing wardrobe and save some moola. The other is one I just like to read! It has updates on everything from deals at store to NYC fashion week. We all love to dream, right?

Awkward Family Photos-Just take a look and you'll know why I like it.

Baking-I have received some new baking tools since Ben and I were married and have been trying out some new recipes. This blog has a ton of great goodies to try. I hope my co-workers are ready for this!

Home Decor-My new favorite channel to watch is HGTV, all about homes, decorating and how to style it. I, myself, am not that great at decorating but am trying to learn. I love this site as it is a woman who comes up with cheap ideas on what will work for your space as well as thrift store goodies that she finds and makes work. It's fun to see what can be done.

Crock pot-From our great friends, Jen and Jason, Ben and I got a great crock pot for a wedding gift. I have only used it once so far (and a very successful meal was made) but Jen showed me this blog and it has many great looking recipes. I just need to try more.

Organic-I don't do everything organic, but am interested in organic foods and cleaning supplies, and have started buying more organic products. This is a new blog I found, but seems very interesting. Just up for learning new things.

Check them out for yourself! You can learn a lot of great stuff!

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