Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update From A Mad Runner's been a while. Let me update you on what has been going on.

After the last post and my freakout of ants, we have not seen a live ant in our house since. We have seen some dead ones on the floor. I'm not quite sure how they got there. B seems to think they just fall out of the wall. I guess ants fall sideways. B said it's cause they don't weigh a thing. Must have missed that in physics.

Two weeks ago Saturday was my 27th birthday. B threw me a HUGE surprise party on Friday. I emphasize HUGE because I didn't know about it... at all. If you don't know B, he can not keep a secret. And with that big event he pulled off I am so surprise I had no idea. It was amazing. We had a blast and I am so thankful for all the friends that were able to come to celebrate with me. I felt so blessed.

The Sunday after I had to go to a training in Cleveland OH for the week for work. It was a good time, we learned a lot and I met some great people in class.

B and I have been laying low since I got back. Last weekend it was so hot out. I don't remember what we did, but I think it existed with us laying in our house in the air conditioning, movies and again in our house. Work has been really busy, and the beginning of the week was really hot and it finally cooled off a bit. Thursday was the start of many college football games. We were able to watch the UND game and the UTAH game at a bar. Both pulled out a big W!

So, with the last few weeks I have neglected my workouts. I am happy to report that I did workout one night when I was in Cleveland. That is honestly a first! I usually don't even pack tennis shoes because I never do anything anyway and then don't feel bad about it. But I did take my shoes with me this last time and actually wore them (even if it was only once).

So not much new...but here is my favorite picture of my nephew!

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