Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting a little organized

The past month was tough. Nothing out of the ordinary happened...and I think that is the problem. I feel like my life is so very predictable. When I say that I mean that during the week it is always the same thing. B and I go to work, I get off work an hour earlier than B, I then go home take care of the dog, clean something, do a workout, start dinner in time for me to eat and it is done when B gets home. Then after B is done eating we either watch something together or B plays video games and then go to bed. It's just to predictable, boring and I feel like nothing going for me in my life right now. It's been a little hard but between B helping and me learning to do more for "me" I am determined  to do a little more to my blog.
The last few weeks I have been trying to write a little more so here's an update on what I have been thinking/doing/planning. So because I am getting my house finally decorated I am going to update the house, the projects I have been doing (yay) and just anything I had on my mind. I will always do my Mad Runner update because it helps me reflect on my workouts. Also I am happy to report that B has been so nice and we are doing more date nights! Yay, it totally helps break up the week!

Anyways, wish me luck and I know there aren't too many people that read the blog but if you want to hear anything else or want me to write something else, let me know!!
Hope you all have a great week.

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