Sunday, March 11, 2012

Update From a Mad Runner

As I sit here writing this I have the SOREST side abs EVER! I am on a mission to be able to get into shape and stay in shape without having a gym membership. I want to prove to myself that I am able to stick to a workout with out having to pay every month for it. After doing that class last week I know that this is something I can do.
But, last week was a little low point. I think I only made a few days with the Nike Fit workouts and cardio. My hardest workout was probably when I did a quick workout involving a little of everything I know. Pulling out the stair workout again I mixed in arms, abs, legs bur-pees, but incorporated basically any movements I could think of.  Honestly running stairs made me sweat more than any other workout I did!
So anyways, B went snowboarding again this weekend. Of course, but it is getting towards the end of the year, it's getting warm out and spring skiing is on the way. I will have to see how many more times I can go...probably not to many. We had great intentions to get out there on Sunday but honestly with an hour less sleep and a Denny's gift card calling my name we bailed.
On Saturday, again I almost ran outside, but then decided I wanted to watch TV, so was on the treadmill. But while I was running I was thinking about how skinny my legs were when I trained for our 1/2 marathon. I thought "damn, I should do that again", then I about barfed all over because I don't really enjoy running. I remembered what B said to me a while ago, he told me to "train for a 1/2 marathon" I almost punched him in the face, but his through process was in line. He said I could just train for it and not actually do a 1/2 marathon run. So, I decided I will find a 10K training workout and do that. That way I can do the work but not necessarily have to do the run (honestly the actual run is the best part so I might just have to find a 10K to actually do!).
So, wish me luck!!

My fav photo of the week! What a stud...just doing a little research. 

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