Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update From a Mad Runner

Testing One Two Three...

This week I decided to start doing a training for a 10K. At first I thought since I have been doing fairly well at a running schedule this winter I could probably start with the Hal Higdon: Intermediate training but realized that it was not for me when you start out on your easiest day with a nice 3 miler. thanks. So I stuck with the Novice training. To tell you the truth I was excited to get back into a schedule of running/workouts/lifts. Now do not misinterpret this that I was "excited" to run, cause I wasn't, especially when the training still started out with a 2.5 mile run.
Since I had a friend come into town on Tuesday I switched my Monday and Tuesday workouts around so I could get a workout in before my friend arrived. As you all know there was not way in hell that I was going to be able to get up and run on a Tuesday morning! To be honest (very honest, no not THAT honest) I actually enjoyed my first 2.5 mile run. It was a nice day out, windy as hell, but nice. Even better when I can wear my husbands Garmin and run exactly 2.5 miles. I used to just use and figure out how far I needed to run, but ever since we got the Garmin I can be more exact. Before this I always figured to run to a certain point and run back and it usually was a stop light, but that was not very exact. Now I know to run 1.25 miles from my house I have to run about 10 yards past an intersection, I bet everyone on that bus stopped at the red light was like "didn't we JUST see this girl run the other way and now she's already coming back?". Yep you did, it's called being precise. 
The weather as been similar to NoDak and I felt like I was in track training again with the luke warm crazy big wind gusts kicking my ass, but it also gave me motivation. Honestly the first .50 of the mile was the hardest and then I was able to get into a nice rhythm. I was nervous at first 1. because of the wind, it kicked my ass the first .25 miles and I didn't think I could go on and 2. I had been running on the treadmill in our workout room and was only getting about 1-1.5 miles in under 20 minutes. Either the Britney Spears play list really gets me in a groove or I have been a BTS (big time SLACKER). 
me and my bestie before a night on the town. so much fun!
The rest of the week I was able to follow the workout fairly well I even mixed in TWO workouts in ONE! Holla! Right now I still have yet to do my big 3 mile run, I might have had too much fun the past couple nights! Wish me luck!!

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