Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cherry Blossom Blues

I learned a little something on this project. First, Cherry Blossom Day is March 20th and I got this new project done just in time and second, painting branches is harder than it looks. I found this great little ditty on pinterest again. It was tagged from Alpha Mom blog. It is easy (for the most part!) and fun so give it a whirl.

What you need:
Canvas or poster board
2 Liter of Cola bottle.

First I drew the branches on my canvas. I used to be very artistic (or so I though) when I was younger, but I honestly don't trust my self anymore.

 Next paint them up. I have acrylic paint, I wanted the branches to be large but didn't take into consideration how large the paint brush gets when you actually start painting. Then I had a lot of very light areas and kept going back over them to even it out and it made it larger. I finally just filled it in from the sides with a brush. Then I started on the side branches. I used a smaller brush and then a smaller one yet to get all the different sizes. I still think the main branch looks too big but I guess that's how trees are. (at least the ones I paint)
 The rest of my high tech tools. I had two different bottles with different bottoms. The lemonade was smaller and so I did some of each just to mix it up. This was the easiest part! I had bought this blue paint to use on some frames but didn't so I wanted to use it on this. It matches our bedroom colors. Its acrylic and I mixed water with it to make it a little runnier and easier to stamp.
 Stamp away! I put them all over, considering some petals fall off trees. I then went back and put the center dot in the middle with a brush. It was goupy but just leave it and let it dry that way. I made the mistake to try to clean it up after it was set for a couple hours and ended up re-stamping some petals to recreate the same look.

 Dried and ready to hang!
 I tried it in our room but it seems to small for the area, so I hung it in the entryway. That is why I bought the blue color for to match so it worked out well. Plus B said he wanted it in an area where people can see it, he really liked it. Thanks babe!

I am still adding some finishing touches to the entryway, once I'm done I'll get full pictures of the whole area!

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pss. the funnest thing about this last project was using this beautiful girl. it's been a while since i used my Canon..missed her!


  1. That turned out GREAT! I love it!
    And so glad you got your camera out. Maybe we should have a photo day sometime too!
    Happy Saturday!

  2. Of course I would love to have a "pic" day!