Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Right On Target

To be honest Target has not ever been one of my favorite stores. Don't get me wrong just like any female I can spend a good hour just walking around checking just about anything and everything you can think of, but I've never been one that makes a trip to target weekly. I would always go to the grocery store to grab something quick (I mean they do have everything) but since a Target opened within 10 minutes from our place back in the summer I became one of those "Target" people. I would call B after work to see if he needed anything while I grabbed a card, tape, milk, whatever it was that I needed. Soon after, it quickly became a trip B and I would make on the weekend after our coffee and since my new office is now right across the street from said Target (no lie) I have been making these trips almost daily. Now I have to interject some days it is just to exercise, you know head out for a quick walk across the street and enjoy the sights in the store. I have my window shopping list ready for when I want to actually pull out my wallet!
looks so cute and comfy

love the denim and the shorter in front and longer by the butt
this reminds me of 2nd grade

is this not just like the other clutch i posted about! So cute and it comes in blacks and pinks!

obsessed..i check this gem out alot

this floral trend is not going to be too hard for me to get into...i had a purse so similar to this when i was young 

found a gold watch. perfect for what i was looking for and for only 17 cant beat the price
got these too...don't judge, they were 10 and super cute (no one can have enough black shoes right?
bought these, hey they were only 17!

ps. can you tell i'm ready for summer and missing my dresses! 

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  1. cute stuff! i especially like the denim dress & the watch.