Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mixin' It Up (Stripe Wise)

One of my must haves for any (and I mean any) outfit for any (again, really any) situation, work, date, movie, flying, is comfort. I am so concerned about comfort anytime I am thinking about planning an outfit, will I be warm enough, comfortable enough, will I be able to walk for more than a few blocks comfortably (see that) or will I be sitting mostly and can wear the cute, uncomfortable shoes.
Since I got my promotion I have a more limited wardrobe selection for my work clothes. There are rules, no skirts/dresses, no heels over 2 in and I work in an environment where I need to be able to get dirty and be OK with it. Now even with these restrictions I still love to mix it up at work. 

So in saying that I am going to show a few things I have come up with to still look cute at work even with restrictions. I love reading fashion blogs but the ones I love and read so much I see it's those who can wear  the cutest dresses (makes me jealous), high heels so I am just wanting to show what I come up with for a work environment like mine and still want to use some of these cute ideas for a daily outfit.

First off I have been seeing a button up under a sweater, or something like it. In the past I have tried this but it just makes me look so lumpy. Not a good look. Also I have noticed people mixing up prints. Here is what I came up with for a quite day look. (sorry the pics are terrible, they are in my office bathroom)

i did the shirt over button up look with two blue shirts I had, both stripes and both stripes in opposite directions. This over shirt is 3/4 so i rolled up the button up sleeves to meet up with the sleeves on the top shirt. 

i'm happy that this didn't make me look "lumpy" luckily it is because the shirt i wore over the button up is  thick enough and the button up is a very sheer (thin) material

blue on blue on white on blue

here's a little better of a close up of the under shirts very thin pin stripes. 

my very light arm jewelry
 ps. I was concerned about this outfit before I went to work because my wrist were going to be bare. (again I harp on the comfort thing) and I am glad that I went with it because I was completely comfortable all day.


  1. Cute outfit! I could never pull that off, but it looks adorable on you!

    ~em at small girl, big world