Thursday, March 29, 2012

Snap Crackle Pop

I have had this OPI Crackle polish for almost a year and yet to try it out. With some naked nails for a whole week I decided these bored fingers needed a little something special for the first dress up since they've lost their dazzle.

First off I wanted to make sure I had a base coat that would look good. I love white nails or black nails but have to admit that I hate using them both cause they are a pain in the ass to get off. Since I was covering them with the crackle I didn't need to do multiple coats of either before the top.

One coat of white on the ring fingers and one of black on the rest.

Once dry cover with crackle and let the magic happen

Finish with a shiny topcoat and wallah...fancy nails! 
ps. only do one coat of the crackle, it'll smear the bottom layer. also i really like the white better than black.

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