Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rainbow Bright

Here's a fun and easy art project I did about a month ago.
What you need:
canvas (any size you want)
box of Crayons (I used a 48 carton and a 24 carton)
hot glue gun
blow dryer

First organize the Crayons in the order you want them on the canvas and how you want them to melt. I took out the black, brown and white and I also used multiple crayons the same color, like two red or two orange. There are so many colors that are similar. Line them up to make sure you have enough and then start gluing to the canvas. Let dry. (I waited a couple days, just cause I'm lazy)
my set up, b was not happy i was gluing them over our carpet but so not messy. i glued them on with the Crayola label on the outside so they all were facing the same way

After they are glued and you are ready to move forward, put the canvas in an area where you will be OK if some wax gets on the walls, garage floor etc. I made sure to move my little set up to the garage after I got some melted purple wax on our white floor boards. Good think Crayons are fairly washable.

i noticed that my blow dryer kinda sprayed my wax you can see how some are shooting out to the sides. it's easy to melt it from the ends and do it in sections like the yellows then move to reds and then the purples. i also wanted it to have some longer melted areas as i have seen these where there is a large glob of melted colors in one area. 

finished product

ps. i do not take any credit for this idea, it is something that i saw on etsy a million times and they also are so creative and cute. i just wanted something that i could do myself and this is the easiest project i saw.

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