Monday, December 27, 2010

what did you all do for Christmas....

What?! Christmas was this weekend?!
Um...I know how you feel, it was just another weekend to me! Where are my long holiday weekends??!! (you know I checked it, of course, next year Sunday, the year after Tuesday, damn you Leap Year!)
Well, now that can say you learned something, I'll let you know how great my weekend was!

Jason and Steph got here early on Friday morning. Jason and Ben hit the slopes as Steph and I got some food started and ran out to do my xmas shopping. Yes, I did say xmas shopping.  Why did you wait until the last day, you ask. Well I live on the edge. That or I am lazy.

Most likely the later.

After buying Ben a movie he owns, we headed home, watched "Marley and Me", cried, napped and started our apps.

Ben and Jason were back soon after and we were able to eat our amazing Christmas Eve meal! It was delish. We went southern this year with ribs, homemade mac and cheese and some great green bean casserole. Which started the conversation "why do we only eat green bean casserole at holidays?" and to this we determine, "it is silly, there is no reason." We then ran out and bought up the grocery store in French's onions.

Present time! Wow, do we feel loved this year! Thanks so much for all the Christmas presents, we seriously opened presents for a couple hours!

As for the Second Annual Triple S Christmas we decided to head up to Solitude and hit the slopes. We did some shredding, met Santa and had some Pabst. Couldn't have asked for a better day. are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!

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