Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Woredrobe

When I started this blog it was intended to be used to keep family updated with our going-on's since our family lives no where near us. Then it became my outlet for my training for a half marathon. Since I have been using it for expressing any and all of my current interests. For the summer I have a feeling that most outfit posts will dwindle down as the majority of my work clothes for summer will be a T-shirt and pants. My summer routine for the morning is pony tail, moisturize with SPF, then SPF, then a tinted SPF, then mascara...you get my drift. Fairly boring. (Hopefully) we will have other things going on in the summer that I can keep you updated on.

In the mean time here is an idea of how one of my more "funky" summer outfits will look.

see the sequins on the shirt...funky

Izzie was sneaking in the photos!

*also I am happy to report I have officially moved my "winter"clothes and cleaned up my closet with my "summer" shirts.

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