Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So I'll be in the Midwest for work for the next few weeks. Apparently there has been a storm that hit and they need some help. Perfect timing for me and B as I will be gone for three weeks and when I get back we will be leaving for NoDak for my brother's wedding! This will help make the month go by fast, we'll get a little extra cash and then we get to see family and friends! Yay I can't wait!

I have a few posts all ready for the next few weeks so hope you enjoy them!  If I have any time I might be able to do some extra posts in there, but don't be surprised if there are no Update From A Mad Runner posts as I usually spend my extra time eating and drinking while I am away for work. This will probably make for some terrible workouts when I get back. I'll try to use my NikeFit workouts on my phone and I'm taking my shoes, no promises of actually using them.

Have a good May and see you later!

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