Tuesday, May 8, 2012

J Bella Styled

A few weeks ago I attended the What Women Want expo here in Utah at the South Towne expo center. It's a Friday and Saturday packed full of great activities and booths for women! I had a blast with a good friend, and best part was meeting the Founder of J Bella, Jamie. I found a link to the J Bella Web site through a blog I was reading (I read so many I don't remember which one!) but while looking around I found Jamie's Blog and started following her as well. J Bella is a "contemporary clothing boutique and online shopping" and because I get a little leery about purchasing pants online I was so excited to meet them in person!
I had been on the hunt for the perfect peach pants. I found some at Express, but they didn't fit my boot-ay. Luckily J Bella had some great peach pants there at the expo and I was able to try them on and found out they fit perfectly!! Also, I got a great little white (I can not, not buy something white) and some cute bangle bracelets! It seems all were on sale as I got a great deal and even got a nice t-shirt for B.

Luckily I had a fun little girls night a few weeks ago and the Spring weather dropped down a little so I was excited to pair my peach pants and light sweater together.

Don't forget to check out the J Bella store as well as Jamie's blog to follow her inspiration.

Jacket added for a cool PC night

cute bangles from J Bella

If you can't tell I love my MK heels!!


  1. I love your pants and your shoes... you look great my dear!


    1. Oh thank you! And thanks for reading!