Saturday, May 19, 2012

B's Favorite

Who doesn't like to try new recipes and it's even better when someone enjoys your cooking. I am lucky and maybe a little mis-informed when I try a new recipe. You see B likes almost anything I put in front of him. It's great and boost my ego when I ask him if he likes it and he give me an enthusiastic YES. But also he doesn't tell me if it is just OK. I think there was only one thing he didn't like and I would never do again (I tried to make chili on my own and threw in everything including an entire bag of rice, it was no bueno).

But this recipe is one of B's favorites and the easiest, and I seriously mean easiest, thing I make. From my aunt here is her recipe for stroganoff. I like to call it...

Three Ingredient Stroganoff

What you need

Meat or chicken, your choice (meatballs or ground meat or turkey is what we usually use)
  cooked, it's nice to throw the meatballs or chicken into the crock pot and let them cook during the day

Now your three ingredients
1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 container of Sour Cream
1 packet of French Onion Soup Mix (the dried seasoning)

Mix together with meat, heat and serve over noodles.
Seriously that easy. We really like using meatballs with it.

i had some mushrooms to use so i threw some into my meat as well


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