Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Canadian Tuxedo

It's been an while since I've updated the ol blog. After three weeks away for work and now another 10 days away from home I think I have good reason. But while I'm home I decided I'll update you with what I pack for a trip up North. First, North Dakota is a state all in its own. It's not the home of Mt. Rushmore it's not the badlands. It's home of plains and a lot of nice beer drinking folk. Second, it's not Canada, eh. But like Canada ,and since we're neighbors, I did decide to rock a Canadian Tuxedo while here. Most would require something fancy like graduation (which was this last weekend so congrats grads) or a wedding but I decided to keep my ensemble a little more cas and went with the light/dark contrast in my denim and accessorize it with some owls and teal. Not to mention (I actually don't think I need to mention) my fav new "boots". (I still can't believe I was complimented on my shoes as though I was wearing some Cowboy boots! They're my "kicks" for crying out loud!)
But with our further ado my tux.

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