Monday, September 2, 2013

"Workin On My Fitness"

Not to go into too much detail but I'm still not quite healed from my delivery, mostly running is a no no. Not to mention I don't want to waste the small amount of time I have working out. Week nights fly by now, between playing with Piper, getting her to bed, cooking, cleaning, and then getting everything ready for the next morning there leaves little time for any "me" time. So Pinterest has been my number one go to for some quick 30 day workouts. I love these pins I have been finding for things I can do at my home, when I have 15-20 minutes to get moving. Check out my Fitness pins here

Last month I did an ab and squat challenge and decided I needed to get my mom arms into shape again so I made my own arm workout to do with it. I don't know if I saw much changes but B seems to think it's done something. I tried to do cardio on the weekends but like I said, it's going to be a no go for the next little easy excuse to really take some more time for myself and doing the little time I do have for things I really like to do. 

I've found a couple more workouts I'm going to start tomorrow. You know took the last few days off to rest and enjoy the end of the summer with the fam..a.k.a, on the couch, shopping, lunching with friends, etc! (it's the small things that really count). 

Die for this butt, but won't give up chocolate for it;)

ps. if anyone has any 30 day home workout ideas please let me know

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