Monday, September 9, 2013

Down Time

Finally getting Piper on a little bit of a nighttime schedule has given me time to get some stuff done. No not just the dishes or laundry (I can squeeze that in while she's playing, multi tasking;) but the projects I sometimes indulge myself in. Cooking, painting, dreaming up something.
This last week I was able to not only paint two frames, but put together a new bookcase, hang up some decor in Piper's room, start my photo collage down the hall stairs and finally get together my 2012 photo book. Yep I said a little behind. Stuff happens. 

Since B and I got married I've been putting together a little photo book from Shutterfly with our year in photos. You know about Shutterfly right? It's that photo Web site that always sends those great discount codes in your inbox so you can order about 100 too many pictures of your newborn and other great gifts for family.
I used my photo book discount to get my last year collection of pics together. Here is a link to my album so you can check it out. 

Photo Book Tip: Create an adventurous travel photo album at

ps. it needs to be known, I am not this creative. Shutterfly has a time saving option called the simple path, you pick the photos, add to book and botta bing botta boom there you have it. I always use that and then rearrange, delete and add photos from there. A lot more time saving for me and I like to feel it brings out my creative side. 

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  1. Cute!! I need to make some of these...i'm so behind!