Thursday, September 5, 2013

Four Months!!

Where does the time go! Seriously four months seems so young yet I see how much Piper has grown and I can't believe it!

she's giggling at her daddy
With everything that's happened the last couple months time is going by so much quicker and so much more enjoyable. I have to say I think we may be getting the hang of this (not to be confused with me still not knowing what I'm doing!) 
Getting through all the nursing problems we had initially was the hardest by far.  Correcting that and getting back to work were the best things I could have done. Working gives me the break I need to keep me occupied but I definitely need to keep busy. Piper absolutely loves daycare all the kids there love her so much and keep her so entertained it's amazing, I swear Piper has more friends than B and I! She's such an amazing little lady, adjusts so well to what we take her to do and it just makes the time we have with her so much more special. I love the time we have together after work when we play, read and just hang out. B is starting to help her sit up, he'll hold her waist and help her but she can sit alone for a quick second, then she leans so far forward it looks like it hurts her belly. She always tried to sit up whenever we sit her in anything at an incline, I always tell her to stop with the ab workout she looks amazing;)

Whats Been Up:

  • Loves the bath time so much now that she can kick and kick and kick! She splashes mom all the time and sometime gets so wild she splashes her face all the time
  • She's rolling. Won't stay on her belly for anything. Although we've noticed that she is not rolling back to her back very much anymore. 
  • Sits in the boppy
  • Grabbing at the dogs. I heard a little whining going on last Saturday and I catch Piper grabbed up on Miss Izzies ear and held on for dear life. 
  • Ladies found her voice! Always yelling and talking and telling stories. 
  • She's started to put herself to sleep more. It's nice to get on a little bit of a sleep schedule and that's she's self soothing a little bit. 
  • Naps are better too! Don't take this sleeping stuff as a brag, it's not perfect by any means either, it's just nice that she's not fighting her her sleep as much. 
  • Still loves the nakedness. I let her roll around a little bit before jammy time. 
Not Fun Stuff:
  • Still hates getting her clothes changed
  • Starting to fight us when putting her in the car seat. Not Fun
  • Still always wants attention and that goes back to her getting more vocal. Now she really yells when she wants us to pick her up.

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