Sunday, February 9, 2014

9 Months

It's crazy to think 9 months have gone by since Miss Piper Jean was born. I mean the 9 months when I was pregnant seems to crawl by but now they fly. Maybe it's all the entertainment we get from this bundle of energy when she is awake!

we got smart and gave her puffs during pics so she would leave that sticker alone!

sassy face

  • standing! All the time, she stands and squats down to grab stuff and even monkey crawls to get to where she wants to go. 
  • taken a few steps! And by a few I mean one step here and there. She just lunged herself onto me tonight. I feel like she's going to take after mommy in the jumping sports;)
  • goo goo-ing and ma ma-ing. I think she even said HI earlier. Probably just reaching there. 
  • eating... a lot! She's basically eating what ever B and I do. She definitely takes after dad.
  • always on the go! She just never stops. Ever. And so interested in everything. It's fun, and a little exhausting. 
Pipers not...

  • liking being all! It takes an army (B and me) to get her dressed in the am. I usually start sweating from chasing her around.  
  • liking baths again. She just goes back and forth on this one. Any tips???
  • liking socking. Every morning I put them on her and before she's at daycare they are off. We think she just takes after daddy and has hot feet. 
  • afraid of anything. She's not picky with eating or climbing up the stairs or trying to take a header off the couch. 
So that's Piper in a nutshell. Nine months flew by and we are so looking forward to the 1 year mark! I can't wait to start hearing her talk and watching her run around (cause everyone who knows Piper she will not be walking, it'll be a run from the first day.)

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