Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Month Two

We made it another month. I guess they say it gets easier means it really does. Or else it's just knowing I go back to work soon makes me appreciate the time I have with Piper more, happy or sad. 

Her cute legs are getting so chubby! I think there is a new roll appearing every day. 

Piper has grown so much since the first month. She's began eating more from a bottle so we are able to keep track of what she is eating and it's been a blessing because I actually can do something other than nurse all day! It's so nice to have B and other friends and family feed her as well. 

I was able to go home for a few weeks to spend time with my family and help out. Piper was an amazing traveler, slept and ate the whole time. She even like the car seat I borrowed from my brother more. Thankfully because after we visited my family we had a three hour drive to visit B's fam. She did great in the car and even started taking more naps, eating more and sleeping better at night. Oh and probably because of this she has gotten so SMILEY! It honestly makes me melt to see that cute little smile show in those chubby cheeks!

Piper still loves her hands, being outside and hates it when she wakes up and isn't eating right away.  We learned she loves ceiling fans and we even were able to take her in the pool for a little swim time. She really liked it and was cooing at me the whole time. B's mom got some great pics of that. 

I took a lot of pics when home that I will go through and share. 

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