Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're Back!!

B and I have been sooo busy!!
B has been working on his biking. I have been working on...well, everything.
Oh, and we also bought our first place!! We purchased a new town home in a development about a month ago! It was such a whirlwind process and we are both so happy with worked out so great and (for the most part;) went really smooth!
This all happened so fast from our first visit with our amazing mortgage guy to one night of viewing homes to becoming homeowners! I guess when you know it's the place you just know it! I'm so surprised that B was so on board with me as it is such a big purchase. But to tell you the truth now I feel that B and I can start our lives together. I know that it shouldn't, but I will never forget our first night in this place. We had our first visitor, a friend of mine heading through town stopped and stayed in our mess of a place with her dog. They helped clean up Izzie's accident and start our water heater! No way was I going to be taking a cold shower! After all of that I was so happy to go to bed on our mattress on the floor.
After that we have quickly made this house a home and are happy getting to know the local neighbors. Of course there are some little hiccups and the first HOA meeting I went to made me a little nervous as to what we had gotten ourselves into! But after speaking with other people that have dealt with one have informed me that it is very normal!!
Next up for the Schmidt's
.B and I are heading to NE for a good friends wedding, and we are going to be able to visit some friends and relatives at the same time.
.A few weekends after I am heading up to NoDak with a classmate for the L-towns all class reunion! I can't wait to see everyone, it should be a great time.
.B is riding in the MS bike ride up in Logan, UT at the end of June. We are excited to go and I am very happy he got so involved in it as my grandfather had MS. My sister always road in it in MN, but this year she is not able to and we are all happy that B is stepping in! If you want to donate, let me know I will be able to send a link through email, you can check out B's facebook page or we can give you a link, just holla at 'cha gurl....haha.

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