Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bikes and tights

B and I had a busy and beautiful weekend!
First off, B has been riding his bike a lot more as the weather has been great out. B had his first Friday off on our new schedule. He was able to get some stuff done and go for a bike ride with one of his friends. We were able to visit with some friends and have a nice casual BBQ.
The next morning B and I were up bright and early at 5 am to get B over to the bike tour. B started the bike tour at 6 am. He made it through his first competitive ride in just over an hour. I was able to meet up with him before I started the 5k with Jen.
After we were done, we all hung out and watched some of the 1/2 and full marathon runners finish. It was such a great atmosphere, I almost wish I enjoyed running more and went to these things more. B also signed up for the MS 150 this June, so make sure to check out his Facebook page and donate!
We have put an offer in on a town home and it has been accepted. We are closing on April 29 and spent the rest of the weekend packing and cleaning. We also hit up Ikea to shop around for some new furniture for the new place. I am getting so excited to get over there.

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