Friday, November 16, 2012

What I Love...

This week has been busy, fast and I'm so thankful it's almost over! Don't you love it when weeks go by fast, I know I do.
I'm also thankful for:
.being able to spend my life with someone who knows my likes, what pisses me off, deals with my insanity and doesn't let me yell at him for no one deserves that.
.our silly stinky chubby dogs. No matter how pissed I get at them, I can't stand how much I love them both and will never get rid of them, no matter how many times I threaten it.
.a crazy goofy family that is so weird they make me seem like the normal one;) (that's a total lie, mostly likely opposite)
.amazing friends. Nothing can beat a good convo with a great friend.
.my two nephews. They make me laugh and are so cute. They've also taught me to be patient. Not that I am with them (cause they aren't my kids of course) but that I need to 'learn' to be more patient.

.I'm extremly thankful, excited, nervous for the baby we're expecting. Even more so now that I am in the second trimester, feeling better, new loose pants and leggings that stretch for this growing belly. I can not wait to meet this child and want nothing more than a healthy happy baby.

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