Monday, February 1, 2010

"Pain is temporaty, quitting last's forever"-Lance Armstrong

I thought I would start this post out with a little quote I read. It helps me cope with the big Viking's loss. Last week was not a great one in our household. After the Sunday game, and having to come to work and deal with everyone asking, Ben was fairly down in the dumps! But he powered through and had a great four day work week and took Friday off to go snowboarding with some friend. We were also able to all go up and snowboard on Saturday, and spent a beautiful, sunny day up in the mountains taking in the sights. We then tried out a new sushi place near our house that had amazing food!
Ben and I spent the day being lazy on Sunday. Watching movies, cleaned a little and then more movies! Always a great end to a great weekend, but I can not believe how fast it all went by!
Last weekend, Ben and I went up to Park City Resort on Saturday night to watch the Pipe contest. We were able to watch some great riders with some good friends. It got a little cold out and the weather wasn't great, so Ben and I left early to get him, only to be stuck in the canyon for over and hour!
Ben's birthday was last week as well. We didn't do much as Ben wanted to go to the gym and watch a movie, so I got us pizza and flicks and we stayed in! It was a nice birthday as he got some great gifts from his family!
Looking forward to February!

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