Tuesday, October 20, 2009

First trip after the wedding

Ben and I had our honeymoon!!
Actually just a quick trip to visit our friend Michelle up in Portland.
Ben and I planned this trip soon after our wedding and have been looking forward to it ever since. I, for one, could not wait to get some days off of work and do something different! I was so looking forward to it, however I was not expecting to get a horrible chest cold and plugged up head four days before we left. When I caught it, Ben caught it, and we both woke up early on Friday morning to head to the airport with our horrible coughs and stuffed up noses.
We put aside our sickness as best we could to get in a good mood for our host. Michelle picked us up from the airport and we headed out to see the Portland sights right away. First, we hit up the waterfalls. We went up some back, windy roads up to see some different sights. After, we headed back into Portland and stayed downtown, ate and saw the city...and a lot of bums. Portland is a very eventful place.
Since we live here in SLC and are around Mts everyday, we wanted to see the beach. We left on Saturday and stopped at a winery on the way out. We sampled some amazing wine and saw a beautiful place. We then kept on and went through some of the cutest towns on the way to the beach. We stopped at a little brewery in Cannon Beach and then headed back.
Before we could leave, Ben just had to see Nike Town, so we went back to downtown Portland and Ben and I did some shopping. We loved the downtown, it was small and easy to walk around with the cutest little shops to go into. We ate a late lunch and then back to SLC.
It was a quick trip, but Michelle was a great host and we got to see so so much! We also were very lucky. The weather report said 90% chance of rain each day and the sun came out everyday we were there. We are also still working to get over our colds, but managed to take care of ourselves while we were there and were able to see and do everything we planned.

The Goonie Rock, it was really windy at the beach!


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