Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some Pictures of the trip and week

This is us, up before 5 a.m. to start our road trip home. We rented a SUV to save miles our our car and to have enough room to bring everything back with us. It was when we were on the interstate when we realized that there was no cruise control in the rental. Yep, that's over 1000 miles one way we drove with no cruise. It was brutal.

A day on the river! It was over 90 degrees out this day. There were only three days over 90 this whole summer in NoDak. We were so lucky and had so much fun with everyone getting to know each other.

Rehearsal dinner with all the bridesmaids. It was a great night at Ben's mom's house. There was so much family, great food and fun. Last night as a single lady!

The next evening at Ben's aunt and uncles house in Bismarck for a casual supper. These pictures are some of my favorite of the whole weekend. When I look at these pictures, it all just seems so real and it makes us look like husband and wife! I love them and it shows off how beautiful North Dakota summers can be.

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