Tuesday, November 5, 2013

6 Months

A half a year has past since this little angel came into our lives. I can't believe how fast it went. Not only that we have survived it but we are so looking forward to the next six months. She is growing up so fast, so interested in everything and it seems like she learns something new everyday.

Lovely New Things:

  • We have a crawler! Halloween was the day, she crawled away from me while getting her dressed. So exciting!
  • Teeth. Two bottom ones!
  • Sitting up on her own. A few weeks ago she went from needing assistance to and then next day she was sitting up in the bathtub. 
  • Solid foods. She's started with avocado, then sweet potatoes, squash, banana. She loves it!
  • She can entertain herself, for just a little bit, but enough to get something done around the house. 
  • Moving and shaking. She is crawling, still scoots, then pushes herself up to a side sitting position. She has yet to be able to fully sit up on her own, she uses her arm as a kickstand but she loves it. 
  • Holding her bottle. She gets so excited when we are getting a bottle ready and she reaches and latches onto that thing so quick. It's cute. 
  • She will NOT SIT STILL! I can't barely get through a book at night she wants to wiggle jiggle free from me. Not looking forward to flying alone with her later this month.
Tough Stuff:
  • Getting this little one changed and dressed. Like we said she loves to move around and now trying to change her diaper is a two man process. 
  • Her cries are getting louder. And little lady likes to scream when she is bored. 
  • Having to watch her every second. Long gone are the little baby blob days when you can lay them down and they don't move. 
We have her appointment in the middle of November. I am excited to see how much she weighs, she was about 43rd percentile last time and I think this next visit she will be above that! Next up on our list of things to do is baby proofing. If anyone has any good recommendations of what to do let us know. 

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