Sunday, October 6, 2013

Five Months

My chunk and monk baby...she's like her momma and ready for Halloween!!

This last month has been so much fun with Piper! She's so aware of everything going on, loves watching the pups, play time is so much fun and just getting more time to play with her at the end of the work day. 
She's starting to giggle. Not a lot which is hard for me to deal with but dang does that girl smile. She's all smiles, all day long. She's really become aware of the dogs and loves to smile at them and watch them run around. I can not wait for the day she laughs at them! Basically I am just waiting for a great belly laugh from my boogie. I was just telling B how her legs and cheeks look huge today. Such a change from just the other day. It's awesome to see her grow so much. 

How things are rolling:

  • Piper is really moving around now. She is learning how to pull herself around the place. She starts to get up onto her knees and rocks back and forth but she still lays onto her belly and then pulls her self around. 
  • She loves to try to grab everything. Our phones and Ipads are the numero uno of her grabs. 
  • Everything goes into her mouth. That's what is hard about a drooly baby and shedding dogs. It's gross. 
  • We've noticed that Miss Piper loves to get her bottles at night. She kicks her legs and reaches for it and likes to help us feed her. 
  • She notices all the kids at daycare and is all smiles when she gets dropped off. 
The not good stuff:
  • We think she is starting to get teeth. The last few nights in general have been rough. She seems to just want to be close to me. Which I love but I know this no sleep thing will catch up to me soon. 
  • She is getting great with her hands but this means she is really good at grabbing my skin and holding on. It's no fun. 
  • The poor puppies are not getting the attention they need. It'll be great when Piper can chase them around the house. 

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