Saturday, April 16, 2011

My family still lives in North Dakota. It is known for its heavy winters and warm springs which unfortunately brings on flooding in the area. Here is a letter from my Mom. Please keep them in your prayers.

For the 3rd time they have upped the crest. We are now
predicted at what it was in 2009. The river is starting to
rise quicker - better than a foot a day.

The contractors are back for the 3rd time to add to the
dikes - working 24 hours (started Fri). The river above us
had their first crest on Wed/Thurs so that means that
Mon/Tues we can expect our first one. Then in a week the
second one.

The bridge by the firehall (the one that was closed in 2009
for the wedding) was closed on Thurs for preparations -
planning ahead.

We had 6-8 inches of very wet snow on Fri - didn't really
need the moisture - haven't heard how much moisture they
figure. BUT - I watch the tornado's down south and I still
feel lucky.

I am working at packing up the basement as we did in 2009 -
mostly in case of sewer back up than anything. Ryan is to
come in on Sun and we will haul things out. I don't really
like this kind of spring house cleaning - but it gets done!!!

We haven't heard of any sewer problems as of yet - just cut

As I look out the patio window I see a lot of confused
Robins hopping around on the snow trying to find food.

Besides at work making preparations in case we have to move
out. Makes a person think = I have a headache.

Prayers are still appreciated.

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