Sunday, August 19, 2012

Three Years and Counting...

Three years...more like eleven. Is that a bad thing? 
B and I celebrated our anniversary this past week and this weekend. Our anniversary was on Wednesday, where we went out for sushi at a place I haven't been to before and then home to hit the hay! We had plans to hit up the town but after my stomach was stuffed with great food I barely made it home before my peepers were closed tight. 

Friday we did something new and went up to Snowbird and watch their Family Flick "Gremlins". I don't think I've ever seen the entire movie..just bits and pieces and Loved to see all the people enjoying the classic movie. 
Since we're not much for parting anymore we headed up to Park City this weekend to have a night away from our crazy dogs and just Salt Lake in general. We spent the afternoon walking around and then decided to check in and relax. We had a great time away, and the party animals we are we spent the entire night in our room! The only time we left was to get a movie from red box. We even ate in our room! It was so much fun. 

crisp pear martini

three years

fun decor

bday present...what else would i expect


saturday morning yoga

our fancy anniversary classy


enjoying my coffee at pcmr in my sweater snuggie..hehe

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