Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Trip to ND!!

Ben and I went back home to Lisbon for Thanksgiving this year.
The whole family was together, well everyone but my brother in law. We had amazing food, great family time, we relaxed and not only that, we had a chance to get away!
We flew in on Thanksgiving morning to Fargo, with a quick layover in Minneapolis, we were on the ground by 12:30 pm. Heather came and picked us up, a pit stop at Ryan's place in Horace, and back to L-Town to get ready for supper.
Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and don't forget about
the pre-meal shot we had to take. My dad had a great liquor that we toasted and roasted before we stuffed ourselves full. Since Heather and I are now old married ladies, we helped with the cleaning up so no big after dinner nap for us.
The rest of the weekend was full of coffee dates, little bit of shopping, playing games and laying around.
We did make it out one night and met up with some friends. Nothing crazy but the usual Thanksgiving crowd and shots.
Ben and I left on Sunday evening after we were able to stop for a quick bit to eat with some friends at BWW in Fargo. We had to miss the Vikings game as everyone had to get home to watch it, so Ryan dropped us off at the airport and Ben and I relaxed before our flight.
It was a great weekend. We made it back to SLC before Desperate Housewives started, picked up our puppy we missed so much and then back to work on Monday. The only thing that we didn't get was some snow on the ground in SLC, we are ready to hit the slopes!

We found our old childhood hats!

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